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Assistant Dean for Student Support & Director for ICIL Special Projects

Ankita Rakhe


Ankita Rakhe (she/her) is a California transplant hailing from Texas and is the Assistant Dean for Student Support & Director for Special Projects. Ankita manages several projects for ICIL, provides oversight for both the Disability Community (DisCo) Space and Office of Military Affiliated Communities (OMAC), and supports the DACAmented/undocumented students on campus. Ankita holds a master's degree in higher education and student affairs from The Ohio State University and a bachelor's degree in child development with honors and a Spanish minor from Vanderbilt University. She is also a Strengths Certified Coach and has a certificate in Restorative Justice Facilitation. In her free time Ankita volunteers for Cake4Kids, baking birthday cakes for children whose families are unable to do so and for voting initiatives in the South Asian community, and dabbles in the performing arts. 

(Pronunciation guide: "Anki rhymes with funky and ta” sounds like the “tha” in Martha. "Ra" sounds like the first part of a cheerleader's cheer 'rah rah sis boom bah' and "khe" sounds like "kay".) 



Old Union Suite 206