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Peer Mediators

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The Peer Mediation Program is a peer to peer program where trained mediators serve as an impartial 3rd party to assist students in navigating a conflict or concern with another student. Here you can learn about ways to engage, times to connect with peer mediators, and more. The Peer Mediation Program is on summer hiatus. Check back with us in the fall!

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Access Our All About Peer Mediation Video at YouTube

Advisory About the Peer Mediation Program

  • This site and all programs are only intended for Stanford Students
  • The Peer Mediation program strongly advises undergraduate students with roommate conflicts to contact RAs, RFs, or RDs before engaging in this process.
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Reasons to Contact the Peer Mediators

There are three ways to engage in the Peer Mediators program: request a mediation, request a consultation, and request a workshop. More information on each component is found at the connected page. 

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More About Peer Mediators

Our Approach

Techniques will focus on dialogue facilitation, conflict mediation, restorative justice and circle practices in a peer-to-peer model rooted in Indigenous and POC scholarly work.


In 2005, Stanford established a Center for Communication and Mediation (C-MAC) which was a collaboration with the County of Santa Clara and helped students to help their peers with issues on campus, as well as help folks off-campus. After the staff person who managed that passed away, the program momentum for the project dwindled. There has not been a peer mediation center for some time until 2021 when the program was revived and updated to accommodate and apply to the current student population.

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Additional Information About Peer Mediators

Meet the Mediators

The peer mediators are talented undergraduates and graduates who have undergone 20+ hours of training in conflict resolution. Your conflict may be within a personal relationship, a student organization, or something else—the mediators adjust to the needs of the group, facilitating a conversation that considers all participants’ needs and thoughts. They will not control the discussion, instead creating a space that will allow underlying tensions to be recognized, addressed, and resolved.

The Peer Mediators Process

The process to request a mediation should be simple and seamless. Here you can access an overview. 

Peer Mediators FAQs

Find answers to frequently asked frequently asked questions about Peer Mediators. Learn  about the process, who can make a request, confidentiality and more. 

Peer Mediators Resources

In addition to Peer Mediation, Stanford offers a variety of conflict resolution resources for all campus community members. Here you can access a variety of important links and information.

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