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Disability Community (DisCo) Space

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Disability Pride + Visibility

Disability is a core identity for the lives of many. It is vital that students with disabilities at Stanford have a space where they can comfortably express themselves and establish a community. We hope that this space is able to nurture and empower that community. 


The DisCo Space, 2024. Credit: Samantha Isabelle Yosuico Dizon

The Space

Know Before You Go to DisCo!  The DisCo Space is a space in which students with disabilities and their allies can meet to pursue leadership development opportunities, academic/intellectual programming, and activities targeted for community building and wellbeing. At the DisCo Space, students can comfortably express themselves and establish a community; thus empowering them to succeed academically, personally, and professionally. 

Disability Visibility Pride Flag. Credit: Ann Magill

The Community

Our community encompasses a broad range of individuals and conditions. It is essential that we embrace and acknowledge these differences to accommodate and support those with disabilities within Stanford's larger diverse communities. 

Photo from a DisCo-sponsored program.


Get ready for upcoming events and activities from DisCo and the broader Stanford disability community. Here you can access our weekly updates, check out upcoming events and more!

Disability Visability. Nothing About Us Without Us. Disability Visibility is dedicated to creating, sharing, and amplifying disability media and culture.
Black Lives Matter. The nature of our work requires us to stand up and work towards justice and equity with attention to the intersection of oppressed parts of our identities. This cannot be done without full support and solidarity for Black liberation. This requires a focus on dismantling white supremacy, patriarchy, and structural inequalities across the board.
Stop AAPI Hate. In order to for us to collectively dismantle white supremacy, patriarchy, and oppression, we must speak out and stand against the violence being inflected on our marginalized communities.​ DisCo stands in solidarity with the Asian and Asia
Stanford community members posing together outside of the DisCo space.