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Certificate in Critical Consciousness and Anti-Oppressive Praxis (CCC&AOP)

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In solidarity with Stanford University’s mission value of diversity, equity, and inclusion, the ICIL office is offering a Certificate in Critical Consciousness and Anti-Oppressive Praxis (CCC&AOP) for graduate students and postdoctoral scholars. While grounded in critical theory and Black Feminism, the goal of this certificate is to educate and prepare trainees with the tools necessary to navigate a dynamic future from a position of knowledge, empathy, and justice. Specifically, this program is targeted to individuals in STEM fields. 

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This certificate program is a distinct departure from currently available certificates in diversity and inclusion. While many such programs simply describe the benefits of a diverse work environment, our framework requires that trainees immerse themselves in intergroup practica (to foster empathy and forge solidarity) and that they establish a praxis to support diversity, equity, and inclusion.

 Starting from the left: Ayman Babikir, Trace Guzman and Maya Caulfield. Credit: Andrew Brodhead
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We have generated a curriculum that provides training in three main pedagogical areas:

1. A critical understanding of identity & positionality 
2. The ability to identify present & historical oppressive structures 
3. A developed awareness of inclusive practices for transformative change

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Application Timeline

The CCC&AOP program is an annual cohort program rooted in community and dialogue. Interested participants apply during the Fall Quarter of each academic year, and a group of ~12 participants are selected to be a part of the cohort. Applications open in October and close towards the end of November. Applicants are notified when selections are made in December. The program then starts at the beginning of the winter quarter in January and continues throughout the Summer Quarter.

Apply to our 2023 cohort! Applications are due November 28, 2022.

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The CCC&AOP program has been selected as the recipient of the 2021 President’s Awards for Excellence Through Diversity

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2020-21 Cohort Participants

Learn more about recent cohort participants. 

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CCC&AOP Testimonials

Read testimonials from past participants of the CCC&AOP Program.

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Program Structure & Curriculum

Once the program is completed, participants produce a portfolio that serves as a completion of the Certificate

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Core Administrative Team

Meet the CCC&AOP core administrative team.

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CCC&AOP Resources

Access a variety of resources curated for Certificate in Critical Consciousness and Anti-Oppressive Praxis (CCC&AOP).

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Have any questions about the CCC&AOP program?

If so, please email our Program Director Ankita Rakhe or Program Coordinator Tatiana Zamora.

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Animated gif credit: Avery Krieger

Participant animated gif. Credit: Avery Krieger